community engagement

Community Engagement

At the beginning of lockdown, the residents of Beaumont Manor Care Home participated in a community project aiming to help connect the residents with young children. This activity aimed to help the residents and young children to get through the difficult time in lockdown.

The project was called ‘craft it on’, as our residents were sent gifts of cress seeds and a little letter about their life and the positive wishes for them. Last week, we received from the children a drawn mini version of themselves and a letter about their interests and dislikes, which the residents much enjoyed.  

At Beaumont Manor Care Home we understand that sometimes it can be hard for our residents to feel motivated to try new things. Having young energetic children around uplifts our residents and provides the right encouragement to participate in our activities programme or our arts and crafts sessions.

Regular visits from children to our care home provides the social boost that sometimes our residents need to allow them to connect with one another. Increasing our resident’s social interaction presents important health benefits, reduced risk of dementia and physical problems.

There is no better way for children to learn than talking to adults with important life experiences. Children love stories, and care home residents have hundreds of them to impart onto young ears. 

Our dedicated Activities Coordinator is passionate about discovering new ways to improve the wellbeing of our residents. Whether that’s by encouraging visitors to visit our home, participating in our activities programme, or making use of the many amenities that we have to offer at Beaumont Manor Care Home such as our salon, library, and cinema room. We are dedicated to ensuring that our residents make the most out of every day and encourage them to keep doing what makes them happy. 

If you are looking to accommodate yourself or a loved one in our care home and would like to find out more information on the care options, or the wide range of facilities that we have to offer, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

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