Respite Care

Whether you’re caring for a friend or relative, or you simply need a break from your busy day-to-day life, Beaumont Manor Care Home gladly welcomes any and all individuals in need of a place to recuperate. Individuals who require respite care after being sick or spending time in the hospital would definitely benefit from a stay with us at Beaumont Manor. 

Many people have decided to book a trial stay with us to see whether or not our facility is the perfect fit for them as a new home, and their new safe space. Here at Beaumont Manor Care Home, we provide care 24/7 while you stay with us, and whether you seek respite care on a weekly or monthly basis, we’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

The Meaning of Respite Care

Respite Care is offered to those who are in need of short-term care by a team of qualified professionals. The care we provide at Beaumont Manor is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is common that someone receiving Respite Care will stay with us for a few weeks or months at a time until they are ready to return to their normal lives. Each resident will be assigned a nurse who will quickly become a familiar face during their stay at Beaumont Manor Care Home. In the event that your nurse is unavailable, another key worker will always be available to look after you, and ensure that you’ll always have a kind face to chat to.

Our Approach to Respite Care

We recognise that it can be really tough to maintain your own personal routines when you’re caring for a loved one, no matter how gratifying it may be. We also recognise how difficult it is to accept personal care from others, especially those you don’t know particularly well. A loved one’s decision making process may make them feel as if they’re losing their freedom, which may be both daunting and upsetting. At Beaumont Manor Care Home, we are dedicated to ensuring that each of our residents has a positive time with us and receives the appropriate care to help them recover.

Providing High-Quality Respite Care at Beaumont Manor

We are so very happy to be able to offer the best level of care to all of our residents at Beaumont Manor Care Home. We work with each person residing with us and their family to create a personalised care plan that is ideal for them and their way of living, offering as much or as little assistance as they desire. We recognise that each person staying with us is unique, therefore we take great pride in being able to create a care plan that is tailored to our resident’s exact requirements. We believe it is essential to constantly develop new techniques so that we can provide the greatest quality, most appropriate care to our residents and their families, and we would be pleased to speak with you about any particular needs and queries you may have.

Is Respite Care the Best Option?

Finding care homes for yourself or a loved one may be a difficult undertaking, and we understand that not knowing where to turn for help can be frustrating. We want to assure you that it’s completely normal to feel lost, and we want to help the best we can.  When it comes to choosing the appropriate path to take, Beaumont Manor can assist both present and future residents, as well as their family and their friends.

Exceptional Care Every Day

Our team at Beaumont Manor Care Home has dedicated their heart and soul into caring for our residents from the very beginning, from the very first step our residents take into our facility. We take great satisfaction in the many levels of medical care and assistance we can provide to our residents, as well as our commitment to learning each resident’s specific and very personal characteristics that makes them them.

Inclusive Respite Care & Meeting Your Expectations

Residents will have access to a variety of activities and associated services that are included in the cost of their stay to make their lives that little bit easier, including the following medical care options:


All of our residents here at Beaumont Manor Care Home can have any vision-related difficulties handled by an optician as part of their monthly living expenses.


To enable our residents to begin feeling more like themselves again, physiotherapy sessions can be arranged through a GP or privately. These are also privately planned and funded.


Residents will have full access to a dentist at no additional expense. These discussions can be attended alone or with another team member, depending on the resident’s wishes.

1-1 Support

All of our residents, particularly those who require additional care, receive one-on-one support at Beaumont Manor Care Home. This support extends to family members as well.

GP Visits

Residents will be able and actively encouraged to schedule and attend their own particular GP appointments either independently or with the assistance of a team member.

Specialised Areas

Throughout Beaumont Manor Care Home, there are various specialised areas dedicated to various different areas of care; perfect for our residents who are learning to manage with a variety of challenges while staying with us.

What You’ll Have Access to at Beaumont Manor

We place an incredibly strong emphasis on developing strong relationships with our residents and their family. Because of this, we’re able to construct a home where residents feel happy and motivated to confront each and every day as independently as they can, and that’s often as a byproduct of our broad variety of facilities and activity sessions.

Contact Our Team

If you decide to contact us, we suggest that you directly call 01255 388 500 or email A member of our experienced and friendly team would be absolutely delighted to be able to assist you with whatever you might need. You may also use our online Enquiry Form to contact us, and a member of our staff will always be happy to respond to you as soon as possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about how we provide high-quality Respite Care to all of our residents at Beaumont Manor Care Home.