Extensive Activities Programme

We are committed to ensuring that our residents get the most out of every day at Beaumont Manor. We encourage our residents to keep doing what makes them happy, whether it’s strolling through our pleasant gardens, socialising with friends and family, or touring the wonderful seaside town of Clacton-on-Sea.

Our Activity Coordinators have a lot of fun activities planned for our residents. Although we have a minibus to take our guests from one excursion to the next, Beaumont Manor is in such a terrific position for nearby public transportation choices if a family member wished to join in the fun.

Experience Varied Days

There will never be a dull moment while you stay with us, whether you choose to focus on staying active or spend your days channelling your inner creativity. We think that no two days should be the same, and we work hard to ensure that our residents have a pleasurable and unique experience every day. We value our residents’ independence and ability to take charge of their lives in any situation. As a result, our activities are not always overseen by a supervisor. However, having a member of our staff on hand for events such as day trips and special excursions is always appropriate.

Deck Chairs on Beach
A pianist plays piano

Feel at Home at Beaumont Manor

Relocating to Beaumont Manor does not mean a significant shift in the way our residents live their lives. Their routines should remain as similar as they’ve always been, and our residents should be able to participate in the activities they’ve enjoyed no matter what. Our activities are completely optional, so if our residents don’t want to participate for a day or two, that’s fine with us. Our activities and programmes are meant to be enjoyed, and there are no consequences as a result.

Chess Board and Chairs

What You’ll Find at Beaumont Manor

At Beaumont Manor, our care home has been meticulously designed to cater to the needs of our residents, ensuring they experience comfort, contentment, and a true sense of belonging. Our principle is that our residents should be able to enjoy freedom and choice, and we wholeheartedly support them to live life their way.

Varied Activities

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New Opportunities

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