One of the most popular rooms of our home for residents has always been our tranquil and inviting library. Our library is the ideal location to relax and read a favourite book or get lost in a new one. We actively urge all residents to take advantage of the library space provided to them, in order to reap the various benefits it provides, which range from the thrill of getting lost in a well-written book to stress reduction and improved sleep, as well as increasing memory circuits.

Reading aloud or in a group helps individuals to engage their imaginations while also providing topics of conversation for fellow residents and even family members to join in on.

Escape in a Good Book

Here at Beaumont Manor Care Home, our library has plenty of designated reading areas, so if residents prefer somewhere quiet to read their literature, our library is the place to be. We also have many communal lounges if residents would prefer to find another spot around the home. You can spend an hour, an afternoon, or even a day, enjoying your own company then meet up with fellow residents at the book club to discuss the latest literature piece. Book clubs are more than simply a reading group; they allow our residents to socialise, meet friends, participate in conversations, combat loneliness, and much more.

Glasses on Stack of Books

Something For Everyone

Our library, which includes popular classics such as Jane Austin and more modern literature, aims to provide something for everyone. Whatever genre our residents enjoy, we are confident that there will be something on the shelves to grab their attention. We make sure that our book selection is constantly updated and expanded, so even our most frequent visitors will always find something new to appreciate.

Glasses on Open Book
Open Book

What You’ll Find at Beaumont Manor

At Beaumont Manor, our care home has been meticulously designed to cater to the needs of our residents, ensuring they experience comfort, contentment, and a true sense of belonging. Our principle is that our residents should be able to enjoy freedom and choice, and we wholeheartedly support them to live life their way.

Various Books



Board Games

Library FAQs

Residents can discover a diverse collection within our library walls, ranging from timeless classics to contemporary bestsellers. Residents can also access newspapers and magazines, with the option of their own subscriptions. This may incur an extra cost.

We make a constant effort to regularly introduce new reading materials to our library shelves. In addition, we gratefully receive numerous book donations from community members, families, and neighbouring organisations.

Our library is a space that has been created to offer residents a tranquil and cosy ambiance where they can get lost in a good book. With plush armchairs and calming decor, our library provides a comforting reading environment.

Exceptional Care Every Day

We are proud to provide exceptional levels of care at our care home in Frinton-on-Sea, Essex. Our team of care professionals are committed to providing around-the-clock support with both personal care and medical needs as well as a variety of social and wellbeing opportunities.

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