Our Approach

We believe that Beaumont Manor Care Home is more than just a care home, but a community too: providing a warm, welcoming and nurturing environment and a luxury lifestyle that’s both enriching and rewarding. As a result, we are committed to ensuring that all residents are pursuing the lifestyles they strive for and bring them the most joy, as well as assisting their relatives and friends in any way we can. 

Providing Residential, Respite and Nursing Care, our team are highly professional, experienced and well trained in all aspects of care. Working closely with each resident, and their family, we tailor our care packages to suit each individual. Our qualified nursing team is able to provide the highest levels of care for all health needs.

We Take Pride in Our Individualised Care

Here at Beaumont Manor Care Home we work around-the-clock to ensure that each of our residents enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable stay, no matter their length of stay. Our staff are committed to providing tailored care and support to each resident; our person-centered approach to care means staff focus on both the health and overall wellbeing of residents, providing experience and unrivalled care 24-hours a day, as well as the use of our extensive facilities. Ensuring residents live a fulfilled life each and every day is important to the overall health of our residents, which is why we do all we can to ensure we are looking after every individual as a whole and offering facilities and activities that allow residents to flourish each and every day.

Feel Confident with Regular Assessments

We adopt a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) procedure which enables us to provide a thorough medical assessment by bringing together professionals from many disciplines in an organised and efficient way. After the initial assessment, residents will continue to benefit from further regular assessments so they can rest assured that they are receiving the best care. We assign each resident their own nurse or key worker who will learn their requirements, preferences and interests, and provide them with the correct level of care for them on a continuous basis.

Ensuring Our Home is Right for You

We provide exemplary standards of Residential, Nursing, Respite and Dementia Care, working closely with each resident and their family to tailor care packages to suit each individual. We understand the importance of selecting the correct care home, which is why we offer a trial stay. Residents and their loved ones are welcome to join us for the day, visit the home and take their time looking around and seeing what life at Beaumont Manor Care Home is like. Lunch is included within the day visit, so residents are able to truly experience what day to day life will be like when living with us.

What You’ll Have Access to at Beaumont Manor

Establishing great, long-lasting relationships with both our residents and those who mean most to them has always been a top focus for everyone at Beaumont Manor Care Home. Thanks to our wide range of services and activities, we’re able to provide a home where people feel appreciated, safe, and motivated to face the challenges of everyday life. We are proud to offer a variety of care solutions, where staff are knowledgeable in every resident’s personality, interests and unique needs.

Exceptional Care Every Day

At Beaumont Manor Care Home we work hard to ensure that each of our residents enjoy a welcoming and enjoyable stay, whether it’s on a short or long-term basis. We work closely with each individual, and their loved ones, to provide an entirely tailored care plan which is right for them – providing as much support as is needed. Compassionate and specialist care is delivered by our nursing team every day, covering not only health needs, but overall wellbeing care needs. It is important to us that all residents get the very most out of their time while living with us and it is a priority to ensure that they are stimulated and enjoy life on a daily basis. From the exceptionally high standards of care we offer our residents, to our excellent facilities we are undeniably proud of the home we have created.